‘Ketevan’ by Katie Melua

Rating: ★★★★★

Katie Melua should be feeling very confident in her forthcoming sixth album, which is set for release on her birthday, 16th September. Eleven brand new songs fall on the new release by the blues singer songwriter who made her name with songs like Piece by Piece and Nine Million Bicycles.

There are some exciting new songs on offer, opening with a Never Felt Less Like Dancing that shows the best of Katie’s soft voice. A natural vibrato sends a shiver running down your spine through a beautifully composed chorus. Clever story-telling lyrics, a typical trait of Katie, are apparent straight away and feed into Sailing Ships From Heaven.

Natural acoustic instruments and finger clicking leads Love Is A Silent Thief, feeling very much the rebellious song on the album. A dark horse if you like. With a brass band backing, it stands out on its own as a prominent new sound that is only finished by the fantastic melodies sung by the Georgian-born singer.

A more bluesy-rock song takes its place next. Shiver and Shake takes mark from very typical blues roots but makes a surprise in a sudden sound similar to what you’d expect from Lana Del Rey in what becomes a fantastic mood booster. Hearing Katie stretch her voice in such a way adds more appeal to the song and the album.

The Love I’m Frightened Of is a very mature, but mellow song. It shows bursts of moderate confidence, contrasting to the soft composition it has. Where Does The Ocean Go expresses the same mood, before Idiot School puts a humorous slant on her storytelling skills. The music layered behind can feel a little tedious, however by concentrating on the lyrics, you find yourself taken into the story.

Another big-band song takes shape next in Mad Mad Men, offering a completely uplifting mood to compensate for the three previously slower songs. It goes into country roots and finds a heavier way of expressing the naturally exciting instruments. Chase Me is another slower song, leaving me questioning whether it should have appeared one place up in the listings, but fits well with I Never Fall which begins slowly afterwards. The tenth song draws the album to a close, setting a natural finish to the album before what is the first single. It was a surprise at the final moment, but I Will Be There, which was performed at the Queens Coronation Gala, really is the pinnacle of the album. It’s wonderful sounds gives senses of symphony and a confident chorus really makes a strong impact on everyone who listens to it.

Experiments seemed to have paid off for Katie Melua as she prepares to release this sixth album, and if the promotional copy was anything to go by, I believe she has nothing to worry about.

Artist: Katie Melua
Release Name: Ketevan
Type: Album
Date: 2013, September 16th
Purchase Link: http://www.katiemelua.com/News/Ketevan.aspx
Artist Info: http://www.katiemelua.com
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