Rating: ★★★★☆

After reviewing the title single, All The Lights, I felt the need to bring you the rest of the beautifully produced album.

The album, which was released last year, takes a contemporary approach to folk-rock across twelve wonderful songs. Beginning with Things That Stop You Dreaming and Let Her Go, you are met with the outstanding compositions that Mike Rosenberg has written. Let Her Go, the chart successor of the album, appears second and demonstrates a level of genius in lyrical content and composition. It really is no surprise how it reached second in the UK Singles Chart and the top spot in fifteen others.

Staring at the Stars breaks between the famed Let Her Go and the titled song. With a banjo, a faster pace keeps your foot tapping through a fantastically written story. A clever use of brass instruments links in well with a subtle string accompaniment and adds a massive, but not overpowering layer, underneath the vocals.

All The Little Lights continues a softer theme from the earlier three and as I suggested in its own review, is the perfect song to introduce yourself to Passenger. It makes great use of instruments that together form a magical layer of sound that is performed underneath the ‘Ed Sheerany’ vocals that Passenger has.

The Wrong Direction is a lovely song to sing to with its mass of rhyming lyrics and feel good feeling that is a little more relaxed than other feel good songs about in the market. A contrasting Circles continues the story of the album in the sixth offering, with a slower start, it takes a little time before it kicks in and even then, it’s not a true kick. In a subtle way, the song builds up and before long, it’s filling up quite quickly. With easy lyrics taking the song into a nice chorus, it gives the album a soft break before a more harder hitting Keep On Walking, which starts the second half of the album with confidence.

Where a lot of albums begin to deteriorate after the first half is over, this gradually gives a little more. Pleasant drumming adds a direction to the song with a constant beat emphasised on snare. A piano takes the song to an end as Patient Love begins. As a weaker song to what comparable earlier, it is a belated ‘album filler’ that seems to have no effect on anything. Despite being a nice, ‘pretty’ song, it really isn’t the one that stands out. Life’s For The Living starts as if it would continue a theme from Circles and The Wrong Direction, however it appears as another filler, just hidden behind a faster pace and some more interesting lyrics. I am, however, proven wrong about a minute and a half in, where the song transforms into something much more. It’s a modest ballad with brass instruments that echoes around with some beautiful harmonies.

The song appears in front of Holes which is another great song on offer. With a definite pace and rhythm, it has power and a great feeling of success. Its feel good factor is met with the addition of a piano that performs single chords over an acoustic guitar and a similar drum pattern to Keep On Walking. The lyrics are beautifully written and in parts, explicit. A change in vocal texture also adds a sense of anger to the song. The song is easily a favourite and would have made a stronger ending than Feather On The Clyde.

The ending to the album feels slower than what it naturally feels it should be, failing to take up opportunity to expand into something extraordinary. As you expect it to end, a live version of I Hate is thrown in and its comical lyrics are heard over the top of laughter. You can watch a video below of Passenger performing the song in London for an idea of its explicitly funny performance that reflects on a cynical view of life.


Artist: Passenger
Release Name: All The Little Lights
Type: Album
Date: 2012, February 24th
Purchase Link: http://passengermusic.com/passenger-music/
Artist Info: http://passengermusic.com

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