Rating: ★★★★☆

With heavy influences to the classic Britpop scene, Palma Violets released Tom The Drum earlier this year from their debut album, titled 180. The English band, who sway into garage rock and psychedelia influences, were picked up by NME and brought into the limelight.

The song, Tom The Drum, has a guitar tone comparable to 60s rock with a rolling drum beat to accompany it. A classic vocal effect and dirty bass melody confirm the inspiration with similar tones to My Generation by The Who and other songs by The Yardbirds.

It is no wonder the band won NME’s ‘Best New Band’ award, as they demonstrate something new from something old in their sound. This song will take you back to 60s rock and even in todays world of electronically produced music, this song fills a massive gap without having to dig out your parent’s old vinyl from the attic.

It also must be appreciated in having the return of what actually made British music so great as it can appear that the decline in ‘true’ British rock bands, there is a decline in quality of new music.

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Artist: Palma Violets
Release Name:  Tom The Drum
Type:  Single
Date:  2013, February 25th
Purchase Link:  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/180/id588984801?affId=1930871
Artist Info:  http://www.palmaviolets.co.uk

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