Rating: ★★★★☆

Run Boy Run is a single from the delayed The Golden Age album by Woodkid, released May last year after being prepared in 2011. The song worked its way to being Woodkid’s biggest hit as it appeared in Oadverts and in the trailer for Now You See Me. It also appeared in the MTV Movie Awards 2013.

Sinister  themes open the song with what sounds like church bells and echoing wind before a pacing drum beat to which the vocal joins. The thought of being chased during the night springs to mind quickly as the song develops before breaking into a chorus led by vocals and string instruments which is later joined by the returning drums.

The strings build up beneath the drums and vocals, adding the textures usually taken by guitars and bass instruments. The strings add some romance to the nightmarish drums that are constantly beat throughout. They take the song through to the ending adding more and more romance and really exploiting soothing and lively string melodies before coming to a sudden ending that feels very premature.

It feels quite a heavy song considering the small number of instruments and composition but if its 3:33 length was improved, it would be an epic soundtrack worth keeping.


Artist:  Woodkid
Release Name:  Run Boy Run
Type:  Single
Date:  2012, May 21st
Purchase Link:  N/A
Artist Info:  N/A

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