‘Neurotica’ by DRAG [SINGLE]

Rating: ★★★★☆

Its an exciting time for fans of sleazy-punk band DRAG, as they are set to release two new energetic singles next month. By dropping the fear of being too cautious in lyrical content, what you get are songs that explicitly speak out on common issues that other bands just wouldn’t dare to touch.

DRAGs determination to hit bigger platforms is extraordinary and is heard throughout the first of their singles, Neurotica, which will be released on the 18th May this year.

Neurotica, which is discretely played by their new bassist Matthew Parkin in the background of a ‘behind the scenes’ video online, full fills all expectations from their previously released Homemade Plastic Surgery and has an extra sense of completion too, as the newer line-up feels more solid than ever.

The title of the song and nature of DRAGs work suggests the theme of the song straight away, but behind Heather’s confident vocals, the song is built upon great drums and a thick bass line, which is contrasted by a dirtily distorted guitar sound that is prominent in any DRAG song. As in any of their songs, you can find disturbed and unstable lyrics threatening the over-protected world that we live in, while also featuring haunting examples in the bridge section – a common thread from the band.

To get an idea of the sounds you can expect from the new releases, I totally recommend their second EP, Homemade Plastic Surgery, which was released in mid-2011. The band will also be making further announcements on their website in the lead up to the release.


Artist:  DRAG
Release Name:  Neurotica
Type:  EP
Date:  2013,
Purchase Link:  http://sleazypunk.com/product-category/music/
Artist Info:  http://sleazypunk.com/tag/neurotica/
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