‘Bright Idea’ by Orson

Rating: ★★★★☆

If its a feel good pop album you want, then you’ve hit the right notes with Bright Idea. The album is the bands debut and despite being self-resleased in 2005, was available commercially in mid-2006. What makes it even more pleasant to listen to, is knowing that the band self-funded it all costing them about

Opening with the title song, Bright Idea, you’re instantly greeted with the bands iconic sound. It is more poppy rock than fake poppy which I despise. With cleverly written lyrics and a just as great melody, its no wonder the band kicked off and got the commercial release they so needed. It is closely followed by the bands main hit, No Tomorrow, which is more of something to dance along to, or better still sing along to. It was the mainstream on the radio in its primetime but will always be uplifting in any playlist.

Another iconic song of theirs, Happiness, is up third and shows off a great vocal strength and just as in Already Over shows off a little swag and feels well-performed. The songs feel like they’re meant to be, as vocal melodies swing into action and run smoothly against the set instruments below. Downtown was released only in the UK and is very poppy in comparison to the rest of the release but still fits the mood perfectly. With my foot having tapped constantly throughout the album so far, it’s safe to say its worthy of its four stars.

Trying to Help stopped the tapping though and while its chorus is alright, the rest of the song is a load of shambles. Mind you, every album needs a ‘filler song’. Last Night is unfortunately on the same wavelength as Trying To Help but its worth saying that there is something else in between the two.

I never thought I’d ever say a song had swag, let alone two, but So Ahead Of Me is another one of those ‘smooth’ songs that just seems to fit. It expresses those same techniques as the earlier songs on offer and proves that songs can show swag. If you’re not in a suit picking up girls in a fancy club, clicking your fingers and getting all the looks, then your imagination isn’t working. Or you have no soul. Either way, that is the picture this album gives me.

The album then shocked me a little. It appeared at this point that the album is the story of a night out, with each song reflecting on a different mood of the evening and then the night. Look Around is a more mellow, piano based song, contrasting to the high-energy songs that have been continuous throughout. To take a fast paced, exciting album and then flip it over into the ballad of a song Look Around appears to be, on paper you’d think it never works. But it does. And its excellent. With a high-energy ending, you would really hope that the following song would continue this theme.

It doesn’t.

I lasted only a few seconds before skipping through Save The World to the final song, ironically called The Okay Song as its nearly just as bad.

After completing the album, I believe that this is a great example of real music. It cost barely nothing to produce but the songs are catchy and exciting – everything you really want from a pop rock album. It’s just a shame the band only lasted for two albums.


Artist:  Orson
Release Name:  Bright Idea
Type:  Album
Date:  2006, May 9th
Purchase Link:  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/bright-idea/id154229489
Artist Info:  N/A
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