Rating: ★★★☆☆

Daniel Powter’s self-titled second album is extremely poppy.

I say that with hope as I listen through the first song, Song 6. While it is, well, poppy, it is actually a really good song. Its nothing special, but its nothing bad. I find that its the same story for Free Loop, which follows. There isn’t a lot that’s different about the songs as they are very much on the same level as each other, just with different chords and melodies.

The first chord of the third song changes everything, but I guess if you had a bad day and wrote about it, people would remember. Bad Day is the song that everyone knows Daniel Powter for. The catchy lyrics and minor change is something that personally takes me back to the charts of my childhood – a point in time when music was borderline okay, before almost sprinting in the wrong direction. The slow and basic chord progression works well and the song is alright, I guess. A key change towards the end is somewhat expected but it works.

Suspect was a strange one until it kicked in. If it wasn’t for that, I’d have skipped straight through to what ever comes next but with a different take on the vocals, the song breaks away from the rest of the album a little showing us something new. The feeling doesn’t last for long though when Lie To Me starts. Continuing the same levels from Song 6 and Free Loop, a subtle addition of strings attempt to break the song away but its the high impacting chorus which really stands out. Its at this point when Daniel’s voice becomes a little irritating and while it seemed to fit in earlier songs, it begins to sound like he’s been sucking on helium gas between recording takes.

And who likes listening to that when it’s not on the Disney Channel?

Jimmy Gets High recovered the album for me, with a more appropriate vocal range for the verse but its not long before the balloons are back as the chorus is almost unbearable. Verses? Spot on.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take much of that and moved straight onto Styrofoam. A song named after a material I used in technology classes in school raises my suspicions, but with the vocal range I wanted so much in Jimmy Gets High, it actually sounded good. It was just as pop influenced as the songs earlier however slower and more calm than anything I had previously heard. Hollywood didn’t continue this and I began to feel like the album wasn’t put together with much thought as you pass from good song to bad song pretty quickly. Hollywood brings mixed feelings to me, its got some great ideas but in a couple of parts, leaves me questioning ‘did that really happen?’ and that’s not what I want to be doing.

Lost on the Stoop is a more piano based song, as Bad Day was at the start. It makes a change from the pop sounds but for the final track listing, you can’t escape that. Give Me Life is another balance between thoughts but I guess it ends the album positively?

If you’d like to listen to an album that is neither good or bad, you’ve got it. It’s not great, but its not awful.


Artist:  Daniel Powter
Release Name:  Daniel Powter
Type:  Album
Date:  2005, August 8th
Purchase Link:  http://www.danielpowter.com/music/
Artist Info:  http://www.danielpowter.com

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