Rating: ★★★★☆

Last year, my favourite upcoming hard rock band released their debut EP titled Misguided. Fronted by Lewis Ward, the band have successfully created their own individual image and sound after taking inspiration from bands such as AC/DC, 30 Seconds To Mars, Nickleback, Black Stone Cherry and Led Zeppelin.

“The music influences throughout the band are very wide, I mean, we have our own style but each member of the band is influenced in their own way”

After hearing their sound, GlassBullet, it seemed, had then arrived on the music scene.

Misguided is track one of the EP, the first hit the band wrote. It was the finale song on their set lists at gigs and the one song to see them mature. Opening with a faced pace drum beat, the heavy hard rock influence kicks in and instantly you’re dragged into a world of head banging as Lewis brings us through with his distinctive vocals. The fantastic guitars and solos make it a song everybody should have on their iPod. When I say that this song is addictive, I should correct myself. That’s a total understatement to what is genius.

It leads into Mind Reader, which begins with darker guitars and features Tom’s famous complex bass strings paving the way in this faster paced song. There seems to be a perfect balance between the two guitars, both complimenting Lewis’ vocals and both fit perfectly around the array of solos on each song. It is the same in Falling Down too, which begs a motion upon listening. It’s the only song to heavily feature clean guitar in the verses which seamlessly move into recognisable GlassBullet tones in the chorus. The transition is seamless, almost unnoticeable!

The final song on the EP, Rise Of The River, opens dauntingly on guitar with sparing drums before it kicks off in true fashion. This is another song recognised from the band’s gigging scene, with influence on the bass guitar in verses and a repeated riff throughout. Lyrically too, it’s a fascinating song with such powerful words in the chorus that echo around

“My hands are shaking I can feel the rise, of the river in my veins,

So try to stop it, it numbs the pain.

You was to blame, the rivers stopped me from going insane.”

In it’s entirety, the EP is incredible.

Get onto their YouTube now, as you can listen to the four songs on there – but also watch footage of their live gigs and three Studio Diary entries with behind the scenes clips of their time in the studio. There is more info on the bands Facebook too, which I strongly suggest paying a visit.

The band are now preparing songs to be recorded in the future and like a lot of fans, I can’t wait to hear them.


Artist:  Glassbullet
Release Name:  Misguided
Type:  EP
Date:  2012, September 13th
Purchase Link:  http://glassbulletuk.bandcamp.com
Artist Info:  https://www.facebook.com/Glassbulletuk

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