Rating: ★★★★☆

This is the 2008 album from the rock/electronica band, Pendulum whos second album features songs like Granite and Propane Nightmares.

This album from 2008 has made its way into the club of most iconic album art of all time. ‘In Silico’ itself is used to mean ‘computer simulation’ however Gareth McGrillen, bassist, said that it was a play on Nirvanas ‘In Utero’ album which means ‘born naturally’ or ‘of the uterus’ explaining the baby in the centre of what represents a synthetic ovum.

The album itself spells confidence as it opens with Showdown, the fourth single from the release. While being more drum and base driven, it is often described as being ‘dance metal’ as its darkened electronic riffs and sounds appear to take highly on those separate influences.

Everyone knows the third song. Beginning with trumpets, Propane Nightmares makes more use of vocals than the instrumental Showdown and the previous song, Different. It has a fast paced core doing nothing but huge motivation to get up and move. Its iconic riffs really stand out amongst others before Visions brings the album into a more mellow piece of music.

An abstract approach to the album really works well but picks up immensely in parts and really comes alive. The Other Side was the third single for the album and is again, another one of the bands more prominent songs and its clear while listening to it why as with the following Mutiny which is more fast paced and better suited to the constant beat driven throughout.

Granite and The Tempest close the album with more great riffs and finish the evidence in proving a good combination between metal and dance is great. In Silico will forever be an iconic album packed solid with great tunes.

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