Rating: ★★★★☆

I had forgotten how much I enjoy Bloc Party until recently, when I rediscovered the joys of Flux and Sunday, but first, this ’07 release begins with Song For Clay.

It has a promising start, with some questionable moments but on the whole, a great opener. A catchy riff begins to take shape in Hunting for Witches which also heavily features a great bass riff and interesting lyrics that are easily sung along to.

Despite a challenge, giving the album chance opens up to Kreuzberg. It may be the eight album on the album, but for me, it’s the first. My favourite songs are these now, and there is nothing nicer than hearing the guitars that open Kreuzberg. Soft vocals and gentle synth bring the song into an impacting chorus, similarly in I Still Remember which is even more catchier. This one, is definitely a favourite. It has a great guitar riff that will stick in your head like nothing else.

The, of course, Flux.

If you don’t know it, press play on this;

Know it now?

For another one of my more favourite songs on the album, Sunday is second to last and it’s rather cute actually.

I love you in the morning, when you’re still hung-over.

I love you in the morning, when you’re still strung out.

I love you in the morning.

With all the tracks from Kreuzberg onwards, this is one to listen to and enjoy for its simplicity. I think it’s great.

SRXT starts on the underground and for any tube ‘know it alls’, the announcement is set at Bank underground if you’re on the central line. I’ve lived in London for far too long now, but back to the song, it’s a slow album ender as you’d expect on any generic album but this has that Bloc Party approach with a high impact ending.

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