Rating: ★★★★★

Get that foot of yours tapping, Black Stone Cherry are here.

From the second you press play, until the fifty three minutes finish, your body is put into a solid rhythm. Blind Man is the ultimate start to any album, setting a very high expectation on the rest of the release from 2008 which is more than definitely met.

The tough going vocals and hard rock drumming are a perfect match to the guitars which rock throughout. A beautifully constructed solo in the later half of the song makes the experience so much more energetic before Please Come In and Reverend Wrinkle. If your entire body isn’t aching by this point, go and see your doctor. Something’s wrong. If you’re doing it properly, every joint in your body will be rocking out to the ever growing strength in the beautifully distorted guitars.

A catchy drum melody in Reverend Wrinkle keeps you alive, until the first ‘ballad’ of the album on Things My Father Said. Successfully breaking the release up, opening with piano with raw and strong vocals that discretely build up successfully in a mix of instruments into a fantastic chorus that like the first few songs, gets you moving.

In The Bitter End, drums occupy the mind with heavy guitars and a dirty bass line through to another slower song of Peace Is Free which continues to boast the same strength of vocals against another confident drum line and guitar. The song has great lyrics too,

“And if you feel the urge to raise your hand, you can start a revolution or start a band,

You better sing your song and sing it loud”

You is also another slower song, in comparison to the hard songs that accompany these, but they are all a great combination of fantastic lyrics and great use of instruments – honestly making my job of describing the album extremely difficult as it is so perfect. There are enough variables to make the album work without sounding too monotonous, but there’s enough grip on it to keep it real and to keep it on the pace it started with.

I’d recommend it to anyone to enjoys hard rock bands of any exposure, and one band that springs to mind the most for me, Glassbullet, who I will be reviewing for next Thursday.

If you’ve never listened to a hard rock band, or not heard of Black Stone Cherry, get yourself a copy of Folklore and Superstition and you won’t regret it.

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