‘Only By The Night’ by Kings of Leon

Rating: ★★★☆☆

I was shocked when I discovered that this was indeed the bands fourth album and that it has taken a song like Sex on Fire to push the band into the limelight.

This album however, is slow starting. With an alternative sound opening before an overly distorted track. Its very mixed but the third song is what its all about.

It was Sex On Fire that really kick started the career for the band, I think, and its early position on the album gives hope that buying it wasn’t a waste of money. With its attention grabbing chorus demanding everyone in ear shot to somehow sing/attempt singing along, you can’t really go wrong with it. What makes the impact even more well paid off, is the bonus of Use Somebody which has slowly become one of the most covered songs ever performed by amateur performers and unsigned bands.

With little more than three or four chords, and a bridge, its simple but highly effective. It brings out the best in the band on an album that really needs it.

A few questionable songs fill in the gaps from then onwards, but its Revelry, 17 and Notion that really stick out to me. Be Somebody too, which feels much more like a dark horse on the album than anything else. It has potential to be a great hit in the same spotlight as Use Somebody and Sex On Fire, but never quite reached that fame despite its feisty vocal melodies and great rolling bass lines. Ending the album is Cold Dessert, which I don’t think I fully understand. Like Be Somebody, it has great potential to have a dramatic ending but it seemed to just stay on the same level all the way throughout. Its a massive disappointment at the end of a very mixed album.

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