Rating: ★★★★☆

Released in 2011, You Me At Six pleased fans as they returned to the limelight with this astonishing album. It has become clear from the album that the band are maturing after releasing somewhat cheesy and predictable songs in their past, much to my satisfaction.

The release begins with Loverboy, a song that really grabs your attention with a fantastic hook and arrangement – made even better a fantastic build up into the chorus which after two, proceeds into a great bridge section with an appropriate guitar solo. The song sets a par for the rest of the album which is kept up through Jaws on the Floor and into Bite My Tongue which features guest vocals from Oliver Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon) and just like Loverboy, the third track has a fantastic build all the way throughout and leaves fans wanting more.

That more is just around the corner, however in the meantime, the album slows down for This Is The First Thing and No One Does It Better – both of which continue the album’s maturity, just confidently puts a break in the album so that Little Death can have the impact it deserves. When the band performed at Wembley, the effect was felt strongly as the entire arena leapt into the air. Following Loverboy and Bite My Tongue, it’s a strong song that really delivers all expectations.

Crash follows, another slow song that maybe should have been grouped with the earlier two, and perhaps not the easiest of transitions between songs into Reckless but on their own, they’re too great songs. I’m not entirely sure what happened in Time Is Money, as some parts work while a lot of it doesn’t, it was a track easy to skip, as was Little Bit of Truth which was far too slow and disappointing to listen to.

The Dilemma is interesting, and keeps me from giving up on the album; keeping me hooked until the very end. It has a real ‘tap your foot’ and finger-clicking mood with it too, and really shows off what is best in the album. When We Were Younger finishes the album with a mellow but strengthening feel, really ending on a powerful note and concludes the album fantastically.

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