Rating: ★★★★☆

I have to admit, I’m struggling to word this particular article as the first 30 seconds of the album pretty much sum up Steel Panther entirely.

Death to All But Metal is the first big hit by the band who release it on their second album here, which is their first on a major label. A signing the band totally deserve but one thats not for the light hearted as lyrics push the boundaries, in a dumb-ass way, of homophobia, sexism, racism and sizeism. 

In fact, explicit doesn’t even begin to warn you of what to expect in terms of lyrics. With referencing to other genres and artists its a surprise the song was actually released. Its closely followed by a song titled Asian Hooker and then the acoustic ballad, and a favourite of mine, Community Property. This isn’t the kind of ballad you would sing your partner on Valentines Day, or something you’d sing her anyway. But it is great.

Michael Starr pours his heart out in this epic hard rock anthem, which is quickly taken over by another heavier track, Eyes of a Panther and then Fat Girl. They’re not really songs that you could play out loud on the bus, but on a musical level they are extremely well written and deserve massive credit. Its just a shame I can’t quote any of it.

For anybody who enjoys hard/glam rock and lyrics pushing the boundaries of clever and stupid, then this is an album for you. Also check out their Balls Out album, which I reviewed earlier in the year.

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