Rating: ★★★★★

For anybody wishing to give classical piano a try or want to hear a broader range of what Einaudi has to offer, this album is a great starting point.

Featuring select songs from his entire repertoire, this is a best of album of higher distinction than any other album of its kind.

The opening soundtrack, I Giorni is hat of beautiful harmonies and is one that manages to send  explicitly rare shivers across your entire body as each note is sounded perfectly. Divenire features as track five on the mix, taken from his 2006 album of the same name. It features strings and other instruments too and combines them seamlessly.

While I can’t list all 27 songs in this short article, and I’d sure like to, this is a must-own for everyone no matter what kind of music you primarily enjoy. Not only does it offer a fantastic insight into the world of classical music, but has a huge modern influence and expresses it throughout. Many of his works are used commercially too, so you’re always able to recognise a handful of them.

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