Rating: ★★★★☆

I first heard this band after an acoustic night with local promoter, Chaos Theory, where I saw front man Kieran perform a solo set consisting of a couple of his bands songs. I picked up a CD at the bar from his band and gave it a listen. It now lies firmly amongst the iconic albums of the industry, where it should be itself.

The folk, four track EP is simple. There’s no denying its simplicity but the way that the band conquer this is just fascinating. There is no big ending, no masses of strings to accompany a key change or whatever. Opening with To Deteriorate, my first impression was that I wasn’t going to enjoy it in any way, but then the slightly irritating guitar stopped and all of a sudden there is a ‘get up and dance’ feel put upon you and you can’t but dance as you would if you were on holiday.

The cheerful song proved me wrong and kept me listening to the start of the second song, which I would categorise with a similarly irritating intro’ than the song before. While there is no dance feeling at the end, there is powerful vocals from Kieran himself and soon you find yourself listening to the third song, In The Future.

This is my favourite song on offer and it’s one that I was lucky to hear live. With the addition of tambourines and other percussion, that wasn’t featured in the solo performance, the song felt more fulfilled and more satisfying. It has strong lyrics and an equally strong vocal melody. A great and simple use of harmonies make this a really relaxing piece of music to listen to before the final song, Morning Sun, which is more stronger than the previous three. Morning Sun was also performed live and caught my attention from its strong vocal hooks.

You can listen to In The Future here, courtesy of the bands SoundCloud profile. There are plenty more songs on offer on the site, so make sure you give them a listen too!

Chaos Theory are a London based promotions company working hard to ‘give you the best new musicians offering innovative new sounds at a variety of concerts and events. They focus on all sounds that we feel could be influential one day, so no genre is untouched!’ Find out more by visiting their website or their Facebook page.

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