Rating: ★★★☆☆

In 2005, indie rock band Gorillaz released their second album Demon Days and reached top spot in the charts in 3 countries for the first time in their career.

The virtual band’s album features contributions from many many collaborators and followed their debut albums tour agenda by using as much multimedia as possible. 

It has been said that the album on a whole is supposed to tell a story of someone confronting different demons (portrayed in each song) during a journey into the night – and with that in mind, the album full fills.

The album consists of lots of electronic songs which appear to sound the same, however one does stick out like a sore thumb. Dare is the bands most prominent song but only features after eleven songs before. It has use of electronic instruments and plenty of vocal harmonies which work well against the synth background.

While I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this album and the story it portrays, which is something I wish more albums did, none of the songs really stuck out to me. There are fifteen songs on offer too, each with their own agenda and while that works, fifteen tracks felt a little too much.

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