Rating: ★★★☆☆

A Different Kind of Fix is the third studio album by Bombay Bicycle Club, an alternative rock band from London.

The album begins with the fourth released single, How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep which sets a level for the rest of the album which doesn’t really explore all avenues it could.

Some of the album does interest me, it must be said. Ignoring the vocals on Bad Timing, the music behind is mesmerising. The same description matches my thoughts on the rest of the album, even through the slower Lights Out Words Gone, which was released as a single in October of 2011, which I quite enjoyed.

After listening to Shuffle, I was left questioning how it reached the top 100 in the UK Singles Chart, let alone position 69. The remaining songs on the album seem to follow a similar crappy style which I can’t really explain, but however you word it, the album doesn’t seem to pick up until it finishes with Still – a stereotypically slow ending song to an album.

If you fancy a change to your usual playlist, perhaps give Lights Out Words Gone a listen and if you enjoy it, try some of the other songs listed from the album. It’s something different, but doesn’t fit my way of thinking.

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