Rating: ★★★★☆

Last year, Young Guns released their latest contribution to the industry, Bones. This is it. It’s fast, it’s loud and it’s epic.

I Was Born I Have Lived I Will Surely Die crack starts the album on impact in what I can only imagine as being a fantastic stadium anthem. It’s got great drums, excellent guitar tones and vocals that match their strength. All of this, plus more, is continued into Dearly Departed and into Bones.

Bones will send your arms in the air, drumming along to the song instantly. The lyrics are great to sing along to whether you’re in the shower or on the tube, it’s a must.

You Are Not is already an outstanding piece of music, which could only be made better if it followed Bones and I could get everyone around me singing it. Then it’d be beautiful, but otherwise, it’s still an absolutely fascinating song that could speak on behalf of the rock genre. Learn My Lesson continues this with Everything Ends until something I don’t come across usually in albums, an interlude.

It’s even called Interlude, but it’s almost cinematic in it’s 1 minute and 40 seconds of duration. If you accidentally start falling asleep though, I warn you, that will not last long as Headlights will be there to wake you up. There is no warning on it’s sudden start and can easily catch anyone out. I wasn’t sure what to make of Broadfields, which finishes the album, at first but it soon grew on me over time.

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