Rating: ★★★★★

For the first time ever, I believe I am speechless when opening a review. I listened back to this song over and over again, trying to find something to describe it but words failed me.

It was a cold December evening last year when I first discovered the song. I had been skipping through a number of random downloads from iTunes at a rather fast pace but the eleventh song stood out from the rest and I kept it on.

The lyrics drew me in, and they still do. They talk about distance in a relationship and a particular friction that everyone experiences.

“And though your skin’s sheet white, and your arms carry scars.
Your hair isn’t clean much, your lungs black with tar.
And god, you love to argue, you can’t play guitar.
But still, let me tell you, that I love who you are.”

“…Young love, I feel you know me better than most.
In spite of real distance, we’ll always be close…”

Yes, it’s a slow and empty song, but it’s beautiful in every sense and what Keaton Henson does, is show everybody that you don’t need heavy guitars or drums to make a point.

I found myself with a copy of Sarah Minor from the iTunes ‘Free Single of the Week’, but you can listen to it on YouTube below, or to have it in your hands it’s on Keaton’s ‘Dear’ album. This song is definitely one to listen to no matter what.

After December, I no longer skip through songs on my iPod.

One thought on “‘Sarah Minor’ by Keaton Henson

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