Rating: ★★★★☆

MGMT gave us their first studio album in 2008, and this is it. Since it’s release, it has sold over one million copies worldwide, with huge hits Time To Pretend and Kids. The album is said to be one of the most consistently selling albums ever released too and won the NME Album of the Year, the year later.

There is little use of strong language, but it’s hardly noticeable.

The band, who are describes as an indie-rock or neo-psychedelia, bring us the famous anthems that have even been sampled in the likes of Axis of Awesome’s four chord song. Opening with Time To Pretend, the album sets a strong pace for which the rest seamlessly follows. I’m not too struck on Weekend Wars, however the next run of songs are something special.

The Youth begins the phase, with Electric Feel taking the limelight straight away after it finishes. It’s got a highly catchy riff, one that’s highly addictive as it runs through your head. The entire song is a foot tapper and always gets your singing along. A constant kick drum keeps that foot moving throughout. It’s great. Besides Kids, this is my favourite song on the album; and Kids follows straight away.

And who doesn’t know Kids? It’s a riff that everyone sings along to; either out loud or in their heads. Either way, it’s a great song and there’s no room to deny it. The iconic chorus was taken and used in the Axis of Awesome ‘Four Chord’ song. These two songs will have you coming back for more; however it’s a sad story for the remainder of the album.

In fact, I wouldn’t even bother listening to anymore because it’s rubbish. There’s no other word to describe the rest of the album; it’s simply rubbish. It’s unimaginative and completely monotonous all the way through until the end. Instead, I find myself playing back the first five again. If the five songs were released on their own, the album would have been even more successful.

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