Rating: ★★★★☆

After releasing The Performing Man as an EP, Luke White released his debut album, Outside In at the end of 2012. Opening with a dreamy sensation, Black Market Red Roses is a slow paced song with experimental lyrics. With inspiration from an overheard conversation, there is a real sense of love and romance – with the story telling how far people go when they’re in love.

The entire album reflects this mood and is even more so in Made Of Love and Waiting To Say Goodbye. The slower paced songs work with great advantages in this album, really hitting deep with it’s emotion on relationships – almost tearing them apart just to push them back together. The use of piano is somewhat romantic, with a certain passion surrounding brief moments of aggressive motion. A light guitar compliments the piano part perfectly through seven songs before an interlude inspired by the earlier song Maybe She Is Magic.

After nine tracks, the album comes to a definite end with Don’t Be Worried (Light Will Find You) – a delicate lullaby which Luke himself has commented about, saying this;

“I knew when I wrote it that it had to be the last song on the album.”

This deeply emotional album sets in stone every feeling that people are put through while dealing with difficult relationships. While the album in it’s entirety is simple, it is at most everything and more.

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