Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Don’t even bother with this, in fact, I am certain when I say that the artwork for this single is a million times more interesting than the piece of crap I listened to.

Yes, I listened to it.

The dragged out introduction sounds like an old CD that jumps, repeating the same few seconds over and over again, only this song has a cat squeal and the worst computerised drums I have ever heard.

Losing You was released on the 2nd October, 2012, and is the first single from her third album. When I learned it would be her third, I was actually shocked.

This is an example of what music should not be, with repetitive lyrics that make no sense and only hide the use of computerised crap from ‘some guy who likes to experiment with Logic’. No, Garageband. It’s actually ironic to see that the song was released under the label Terrible Records.

I laughed.

There was once an era in the history of music where instruments were once used to stimulate feelings and emotions, building up to a powerful final chorus which sent shivers down your spine and made all the hairs on your body stand on edge. In this wonderful peace of music, the tacky and uneventful ‘music’ fades out to a synth. I ask you, where the bloody hell does the synth come from?

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